Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Undergraduate Advising

Congratulations on choosing a career path in Chemistry or Biochemistry at SFSU! We would like to welcome you to a great future in the sciences and let you know of some requirements and resources for undergraduates. All new transfer students and freshmen pre-majors are encouraged to meet with an advisor during the first semester of attendance.  At these meetings, advisors will help you plan out a semester-by-semester schedule of classes to meet graduation requirements.  Transfer students should bring their unofficial transcript from their transfer institutions so that course equivalencies can be verified. 

Degree Plans

Please consult one of the following documents for information about the courses required for your degree and the suggested sequence of courses over four years. 

Drop-In Undergraduate Advising

There are four faculty advisors in the department.  One-on-one advising is recommended for new and transfer students, probationary students, and anyone with a complicated situation and/or numerous questions to be resolved. Drop in office hours for Fall 16 are listed below.  You do not need to make an appointment to meet with an advisor during these office hours, but if your situation is complicated and might need some time for discussion, please contact an advisor to make an appointment.  Student are always welcome to see an advisor with any questions about their degree or their planned career.

Fall 2016 Semester Advising Hours

Advisor Office Phone Email Office Hours
Dr. Baird TH 811A 415-405-0935


Mon 1:30-3:00pm
Dr. Simonis TH 111A 415-338-1656


Tues 4:30-6:00 pm
Weds 4:30-6:00 pm
Dr. Gerber TH 823 (none currently)


 Fri 10:00am-12:00pm
Dr. Palmer TH 730 415-338-7717


Mon 8:00am-11:00am

Mandatory Advising -  Check in and tune up your path to graduation

All chemistry and biochemistry majors and pre-majors will be required to meet with an advisor when they are enrolled in CHEM 115, CHEM 233, CHEM 321 and CHEM 300 or CHEM 251.  Majors and premajors enrolled in these courses will have department advising holds placed on registration for the following semester.  To clear this hold, students must meet with a department advisor to check their progress towards graduation.  The goal of the mandatory progress check is to make sure you are on the right path to graduation. Be sure to bring a copy of your unofficial transcript, your degree progress report and your plan for the classes you want to take for the next two semester.

Advising Guide for New Transfer Students -  Planning for the Fall Semester

Use the Advising Guide for New Transfer Students (see here) to check off the courses you have completed at your transfer institute and determine which courses you should plan to take in the Fall semester.  Check the transfer credit report in your student center.  If you do not see courses from your transfer institution listed there, you may be blocked from registering for some courses.  Use the Course Equivalency for New Transfer Students Guide (see here) and follow the instructions to get cleared to register for courses.  During the summer, contact with any questions about classes to take in the Fall.  During the academic year, see one of the four department advisors.

Advising Guide for Freshman Premajors - Planning for the Fall Semester

Use the Advising Guide for Freshman Premajors Guide (see  here) guide for general information about our degrees, recommended majors courses to take during the fall semester, and information about being a premajor.  Contact during the summer with any questions about the Fall semester.   See an advisor during your first semester to plan your courses going forward and learn how to declare the major.